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All patients over the age of 16 will be tested for glaucoma, ocular disease, eye coordination, corrective needs, and neurological disorders of the visual system. The testing is performed by the most advanced technology available in the field of optometry. Time is reserved after the testing is completed to analyze the findings for proper diagnosing and discussion. The doctor then reviews a tailored treatment plan and recommendations to suit an individual's lifestyle.

The American Optometric Association recommends that pre-school children receive a complete vision exam at the ages of six months, three years and five years. It is particularly important that a child have a complete evaluation in the summer prior to entry into Kindergarten. While in school, early evaluations are recommended.

Comprehensive Eye Exams:

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We believe your child's vision exam should be thorough and efficient. There are multiple components in a child's comprehensive exam that we find critical for properly diagnosing and treating, as well as, offering preventative options.
The average person spends 7 hours a day on computers and other devices. Prolonged exposure to tablets, computers, or cell phones can cause discomfort and vision problems. We can diagnose and come up with a treatment plan for computer vision syndrome.
Early stage cataracts can be treated without surgery. Elite Vision Center's optometrist are trained to detect early stage cataracts and can prescibe a treatment plan. Call to set you your eye exam today!
Elite Vision Center can determine if your a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Call to schedule a LASIK exam today!
Patients receive ocular health screenings for computer vision problems, sports eye screenings, drivers licence eye exams, dry eyes, learning, corneal diseases, foreign bodies, eye infections, cataracts, glaucoma, diabetic and hypertensive related eye problems and more.